A Dining "Disaster"

August 30, 2017


Hi Soul Platter Cafe Friends!  It's been longer than we've liked since writing a blog entry.  I like to think it reflects how much activity we've had preparing for the cafe and welcoming guests to the Red Mission House this summer.


Before the teams arrived this summer, my husband Jim and I had a chance to escape to Orlando for a few days.  Jim was attending a business conference at The Coronado Springs Disney Resort and I decided to tag along.


The conference schedule was jam-packed, but Jim had one afternoon and evening free.  I love a good deal, especially dining deals and Jim and I love seafood . . .well-prepared seafood.  So, I was excited that I found a Groupon to a Lobster's Feast and Seafood buffet.  It was our one night to have a date night something we don't always get to do.


We should have realized what our experience would be like when we read fair reviews online for the buffet, but we kept convincing each other it couldn't be that bad . . . we were in Orlando!  We took an Uber ride to the restaurant and asked our driver if he had been to the seafood buffet and he said he had never heard about it.  There was our second clue it might not be great.


We arrived at a hotel and discovered the restaurant was connected.  Okay, it could still be good, right?  We were seated immediately (at 5:30 pm on a Saturday night?!) and provided our Groupon.  Our Groupon included 2 glasses of wine and 2 adults buffets,minus lobster or crab legs.  We were fine with this because we looked forward to scallops, fish, shrimp, and many other dishes.


When Jim and I walked to the buffet, we immediately noticed that some of the dishes were overcooked.  Dried out kielbasa, institutional mashed potatoes, and as we moved on to the seafood options, we couldn't believe the small pieces of shrimp (think salad shrimp) and what appeared to be breaded fish from a Mrs. Paul's frozen  box of seafood!


The whole meal was a disaster!  We picked through a few things, but never experienced that full feeling of being at a buffet. I felt awful because I had "ruined" date night.  And yet, all Jim and I could do was laugh and make the best of it.  So much for a fresh seafood gourmet meal.


Have you had that experience?  Maybe not with seafood, but the experience of going to a restaurant with higher expectations than what you receive?  It's disappointing when the food and ambience is lacking, especially if you are celebrating a special moment or time with a spouse or friend.


At The Soul Platter Cafe we want every person to have a great experience when they eat at the cafe, regardless of who they are.  We want each meal to feel special and every ingredient to be freshly prepared and as healthy as can be.  That shouldn't be the exception, but how often have we all had a dining "disaster?"


To enable us to provide a great dining experience we want to ensure we have adequately trained volunteeers, strong partnerships with local producers of food, and a well-organized kitchen.  It takes time to develop these things, but once we have we can't wait to offer you a magnificent dining experience where you can connect with your community and enjoy fresh, healthy meals.


The Soul Platter Cafe - Where Every Body Matters


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