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The Soul Platter Café is a non-profit restaurant where all people, regardless of their circumstance, can receive a healthy meal. We are NOT a soup kitchen, but a fully-functioning café serving food with as many local products as possible. The Soul Platter Cafe is a "pay what you can" restaurant, meaning individuals and families will be served with DIGNITY and will not be turned away if they don’t have any ... or enough ... money to pay for their meal. Their meals are paid by individuals willing to “pay it forward” and make an extra donation when they dine. Our café team trusts that expenses will be covered by generous people donating extra money when they dine. This business model works, and is proven again and again at other model cafes, who are also affiliate members of One World Everybody Eats. The café will run on hospitality, love, and a willingness to get to know our neighbors. We envision a location where folks from “all walks of life” will gather around a table and get to know one another.



Our name and tagline sets some goals for us as a non-profit café, and we hope it speaks to you: “The Soul Platter Café: Where Everyone Matters.”

Human beings can be hungry and thirsty. We can physically need nourishment for our bodies which speaks to the visual of a platter. Our goal with our platter is to provide nourishing meals that are sourced abundantly and locally when possible. We will seek value in purchasing foods that will be served, however we do not intend to sacrifice food quality and food integrity. How our ingredients were prepared, grown, harvested, processed and transported are important to us, and we’ll aim to strike a strategic balance of goodness in meeting as many of our food goals as possible. Our volunteer teams will be preparing wholesome meals from these ingredients, to be served to our café patrons. A platter signifies sustenance and full, satisfying meals. A platter also signifies a gathering, a celebration, an event -- perhaps there’s something special about this meal.

But human beings can also hunger for food for the soul. We are sometimes tired, lonely, saddened, empty, unlucky or consequential creatures. Human souls can, like gardens, grow in abundance for its ability to show others kindness, respect, friendship and interest. Souls can both give and receive. Our souls as gardens have seasons where we are barren, where nourishment is needed, where hope springs, where life thrives or is set back, where we can reap what has been sown, where we can share the "fruits of the spirit." How the “soul” speaks to us as a mission is that souls unite us as humans, and those with souls of plenty can pour into souls of need without any deficit.

In this café, all are welcome, and to our motto, “where everyone matters.” As a business model, we truly need “everyone.” We need all walks of life. We need the givers as much as the receivers. We know the difficulty life can present to us. We are each a phone call away from huge need or loss. If any of these paths lead our neighbors to a place where they cannot be assured where their nourishment will come from, we want to have our platter ready.

Will you take a seat at The Soul Platter Café?

The story of the soul platter...

Located at 34 West Scribner Avenue in DuBois, Pa., the Soul Platter Cafe was once the parsonage of the First United Presbyterian Church across the street. The church made the property available to missions of the church and ultimately the community of DuBois. Known as The Red Mission House, the property has and still offers lodging for inbound mission groups serving blighted areas of DuBois. The first floor is now home to The Soul Platter Cafe.

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